Check these cool sites :3

neocities button neocities button neocities button neocities button

And the dingus webring



This little neocities button that is also a playable keyboard!!!
(it will break if you look at it wrong)

It needs a second to run the audio code initiation so
it may not play the first time you press a key

You can see how to use your computer's keyboard here
OR if you're cool and own a MIDI instrument, you can use that too!
the supported range of notes is C3 - D5 :3 and you can PITCH BEND HELL YEA

OKAY FINAL UPDATE I PROMISE: added pedal support and pressure sensitivity for MIDI


Last updated: ???

Hiiiiii :>

About me

I enjoy coding (sometimes)
You can find some of my art and other things i make here :3
(Also yeah i didnt use punctuation while writing this idk why tbh) (sorry)

A button with blinking text

My buttons

Image buttons

Main button

A button with blinking text

Interactive buttons

Conway's game of life

And this playable piano

Some tests...

I made this part mostly to mess around with some of thestylesi made for the page
I hope you like how it looks :>
Oh also feel free to use them but my css is an actual mess

  1. And heres another
  2. But i dont like these so much

And heres some code

i {
  font-family: "Caveat", cursive;
  color: var(--light);
  font-style: normal;

We can also have code snippets in between regular text

Anyway heres an image (this one is a gif but it works either way)
it's also tabbed slightly to the right using <t-sect> </t-sect> vaporeon spinning

This one is zoomable!
vaporeon spinning

You can also tab anything even further by nesting tags

Some buttons:

Thats pretty much it i think--

Ill probably add more stuff to it, feel free to use my css :3