Very importan me updates yippee idfk haiii



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Linked some new songs in the ART section !!!!

Check OTHER to hear my insane ramblings about this

This little brick breaker button!!
Click it to control the paddle with A and D..
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Some doodles in the ART section!!! YIPPEEE FINALLY

And this little neocities button that is also a playable keyboard!!!
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Last updated: ???

4/04/2024 -- Icons update and some more UI changes + some cool stuff
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  • Moved my music covers to the art section
  • Added a silly little canvas so you can be a based artist or whatever
  • Testing a new background overlay for the content of the page, it should be more readable now
  • Fully switched to the little doodles for icons!! no more ugly ass svgs i made in 10 minutes
  • The news section now uses these openable tab sections, i also removed some smaller logs
  • Added more little animations everywhere
  • Stuff to come eventually:
    • dark mode toggle
    • MAYBE**???? a spanish version of the site whenever i figure that out but no promises
1/04/2024 -- Some UI and organization changes!!!

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  • Changed the "Coding" tab to Other and added some stuff!!!! look at it!!!!!
  • Added some little icons to the top navbar and other places
  • Fixed a couple bugs and broken links and made it so the buttons spam the console less
  • Made some changes to the mobile layout to make it more readable and nicer to look at in general
  • Note: im currently switching to a new set of icons so some of the svg ones are broken rn
6/02/2024 -- "We are so back" update

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  • Tweaked some of the page's colors to make it more cozy :3
  • Started uni again so i will probably be more programmer core (if im not too busy)
  • The last updated counter now shows a relative amount of time instead of the date
12/11/2023 -- Added new interactive buttons!: My buttons
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  • Added a new playable keyboard button along with the game of life one :>
  • Also i moved them to their own section

Hiiiiii :>

About me

I enjoy coding (sometimes)
You can find some of my art and other things i make here :3
(Also yeah i didnt use punctuation while writing this idk why tbh) (sorry)

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My buttons

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