Silly programming!!!

Tiny canvas demo in three.js:

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  • I made and textured this little model in blender and i thought itd be a cool opportunity to learn three.js
  • I hadnt really done anything in depth with it but it was pretty easy to port my blender materials into custom shaders and stuff
    • If you wanna take a look at my shader code here you go: Fragment, Vertex
    • The actual js code is a mess and i will NOT deal with it :3
  • This whole thing took me like a day 😭😭 overall i enjoyed making it so i will probably make more of these soon !!!!!
  • rn im using a CDN to import the three.js files but in the future i might host it if its faster
  • I might make it so you can just iframe it easier into your own website if you want to
  • I hope its genuinely not too laggy but i will add like a start button or smth after i SLEEP its 1:42 AM what the hell
  • If you want a little demo of something specific please let me know, id love to make more :3

Silly videos!!!

Bad Apple but on legos:
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  • I made a little blender geometry node setup to turn images into lego a while ago and i thought it'd be cool to have it play Bad Apple :3
  • I think i got it to look pretty realistic but idk tbh it doesnt really matter anyway
  • Oh and also the loose legos to the side change depending on how many legos are used on the plate i thought it looked cool idk

Here's some behind the scenes :3